Monday, February 27, 2017

Hair Flair, 2017

With so many hairstyles trending, now is the perfect opportunity for women to incorporate a new look for the season. Dip-dyed, layers, blunt fringe, and more: straight and shiny hair is in for 2017, so get the flat iron out and get ready to get bone straight hair that is healthy and fun. With so many ways to wear it, hair flair is just a few ideas away from reality. Here are the looks you can recreate to achieve your own signature look.

 The Boy Cut

Women with an angular face are the perfect choice for this androgynous lok that complements sharp cheekbones and jawlines. No cut transforms a face more than this dramatic change.

Hair Gems

Jeweled hair is the latest craze setting off concrete jungles, with anything from tiaras, hair clips, and butterfly pendants dominating seasonal collections.

The Fringe

Taking a page from Hollywood’s style playbook, the Bardot fringe has been adopted the world over. The trick is to find the right amount of layers and bangs to suit your face.

The High Pony

Styled all the way up and done bone straight or rumpled, the high pony is elegant and complements any outfit. The tighter it is, the better your face looks.

Flat Waves

Curling hair into flat waves are a subtle, glamorous approach to hair flair, easily achievable with a few clamps of a hair iron. Keep the ends as straight as possible for that polished finish.

The Shag

Layers and more are in store with a shag that is versatile enough for a split down the middle, or grown out for maximum effect. Shoulders and bangs are a full-time commitment that yield big style dividends.

The Flip

It’s as simple as it sounds and is a voluminous hair decision that is flirty, fun, and always fashionable.

Monday, February 20, 2017

The awesome guide to rock everything denim

The fascinating thing about denim is how many different ways you can wear it. No matter what the occasion, incorporating denim in your outfit can be chic yet casual. Throw on a simple black dress, with a black denim jacket, and you’re ready for a night out in town. One specific trend with denim is the modern day vintage look of jeans and a flare sleeve top. This outfit is the perfect fun yet casual look in time for Spring and Summer. In addition, denim jeans are great to be worn with a crop top sweater. With a little skin showing, this outfit is casual and flirty.

Another great vintage look that many are raving about is an oversized denim jacket and distressed boyfriend jeans. With the boyfriend jeans being loose fit, this an outfit that feels comfortable yet fashionable. Depending on the top, distressed jeans can be worn for any type of event. For instance, going to coffee dates during the winter time, the ideal outfit to wear is an oversized turtleneck top with distressed jeans to give it an edgier look. On the other hand, an open back top and high rise distressed jeans can be a perfect outfit for a nighttime event.

Today’s fashion is bringing back the 90’s with the denim skirts. Denim skirts are a great way to keep it chic and casual with tops, button ups, and nice blouses. Dress the denim skirt with an off-the-shoulder top with a pair of open sandal heels, accessorized with a choker and you’ve got yourself an outfit that will turn heads. The idea is to be creative when deciding on an outfit to wear but you can never go wrong with attire that includes denim.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Perfect Contour

The perfect contour is only moments away to transform your face to sculpted, angular perfection. Contouring has been a technique used by makeup artists on celebrities for decades but only recently has become a trick any woman can use for any occasion. The following guidelines are meant for every woman to use to create the best contour yet.

The Golden Rule of Contouring

One of the first and foremost rules to contouring is that concealer can be used anywhere on the face for added effect. Use it underneath the eyes, between brows, over eyelids, around the nose and anywhere else necessary to get the desired look.

Face Mapping

Once you trace the temples, highlight your cheekbones, and place your pigment, concentrate on the nose to narrow and shorten as desired.


Look wide awake with highlighting that gives you a fresh and youthful glow. Dan cream eyeliner around the corners of the eye, the cupid’s bow, chin, and bridge of the nose. Blend all areas with your finger and then apply foundation.

The Art of the Blend

Use a beautyblender to merge with your base foundation, taking small circular motions with the end of the beautyblender as it has more space to flatten and shape all areas.


Using the lighter foundation under the eyes, you can also add a bit to the center and to the chin, blending away excess with a moist beautyblender. An illuminating powder directly above the cheekbones creates a lighter look, which can also be applied to the eyelids and any other dark shadows you wish to conceal.


Using a fluffy brush with loose powder, dust the entire face and then secure with a cream foundation to maintain the look as long as possible.