Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Perfect Contour

The perfect contour is only moments away to transform your face to sculpted, angular perfection. Contouring has been a technique used by makeup artists on celebrities for decades but only recently has become a trick any woman can use for any occasion. The following guidelines are meant for every woman to use to create the best contour yet.

The Golden Rule of Contouring

One of the first and foremost rules to contouring is that concealer can be used anywhere on the face for added effect. Use it underneath the eyes, between brows, over eyelids, around the nose and anywhere else necessary to get the desired look.

Face Mapping

Once you trace the temples, highlight your cheekbones, and place your pigment, concentrate on the nose to narrow and shorten as desired.


Look wide awake with highlighting that gives you a fresh and youthful glow. Dan cream eyeliner around the corners of the eye, the cupid’s bow, chin, and bridge of the nose. Blend all areas with your finger and then apply foundation.

The Art of the Blend

Use a beautyblender to merge with your base foundation, taking small circular motions with the end of the beautyblender as it has more space to flatten and shape all areas.


Using the lighter foundation under the eyes, you can also add a bit to the center and to the chin, blending away excess with a moist beautyblender. An illuminating powder directly above the cheekbones creates a lighter look, which can also be applied to the eyelids and any other dark shadows you wish to conceal.


Using a fluffy brush with loose powder, dust the entire face and then secure with a cream foundation to maintain the look as long as possible.

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