Monday, February 20, 2017

The awesome guide to rock everything denim

The fascinating thing about denim is how many different ways you can wear it. No matter what the occasion, incorporating denim in your outfit can be chic yet casual. Throw on a simple black dress, with a black denim jacket, and you’re ready for a night out in town. One specific trend with denim is the modern day vintage look of jeans and a flare sleeve top. This outfit is the perfect fun yet casual look in time for Spring and Summer. In addition, denim jeans are great to be worn with a crop top sweater. With a little skin showing, this outfit is casual and flirty.

Another great vintage look that many are raving about is an oversized denim jacket and distressed boyfriend jeans. With the boyfriend jeans being loose fit, this an outfit that feels comfortable yet fashionable. Depending on the top, distressed jeans can be worn for any type of event. For instance, going to coffee dates during the winter time, the ideal outfit to wear is an oversized turtleneck top with distressed jeans to give it an edgier look. On the other hand, an open back top and high rise distressed jeans can be a perfect outfit for a nighttime event.

Today’s fashion is bringing back the 90’s with the denim skirts. Denim skirts are a great way to keep it chic and casual with tops, button ups, and nice blouses. Dress the denim skirt with an off-the-shoulder top with a pair of open sandal heels, accessorized with a choker and you’ve got yourself an outfit that will turn heads. The idea is to be creative when deciding on an outfit to wear but you can never go wrong with attire that includes denim.

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